Rainforest V3.0 XML Edition

Rainforest Content Management System

Rainforest eCommerce

Rainforest Custom Products

Rainforest is a leading Content Management Framework built to support websites and web-based business applications.

It is built on Sun standard APIs included in J2EE technology and it provides facilities for web applications using servlets and XML.

Rainforest CMS is an intuitive and cost effective way to manage content on your website.

You can edit text, remove and add pictures, create new sections, archive old versions, control user access and much more, all without knowing HTML!

Rainforest eCommerce is an enterprise grade shopping cart solution, scalable to multiple domains and SKUs.

Through its inherent use of XML, Rainforest easily integrates with third parties and offers unlimited possibilities for customization.

Rainforest is ideal for implementing custom web applications including intranet, e-learning and RSS solutions.

As your business evolves, the Rainforest plug-in model ensures that new functionalities are added efficiently.