Rainforest CMS

Rainforest CMS is a Tier 1, first-class Web Content-Management-System (CMS) developed upon the Rainforest Platform. This progressive web development software successfully allows users to manage, develop, and maintain dynamic content on websites without the previously required technical know how or programming savvy.


Rainforest CMS allows users to make real time changes to both graphics and text while maintaining the look-and-feel of their website. By utilizing a direct Web based Rich Text Editor, Rainforest CMS makes composing web page content as easy as working with any word processor. Users simply type text in a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) format and publish updated material with a mere click of a mouse button. 


Rainforest CMS's flexible platform allows for simple integration with other Web facilitative software such as Rainforest eCommerce and Rainforest eLearning.


Why Rainforest CMS?


Rich Text EditorWrite and manage web page content by typing text in a WYSIWYG environment as easily as working with any word processor.
Scalable Document StructuringStructure documents with an unlimited capacity for width and depth and customize created documents to fit any corporate standard.
Documents ArchiveRepublish previously exhibited documents by simply retrieving them from a detailed storage database.
User TrackingKeep track of which editors are making what changes to site content through a user tracking module.
Search Engine OptimizationMaximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with clearly recognizable document addressing and premier indexing capabilities with the most efficient coding available.