Rainforest Portal

Rainforest Portal is perfect for clients looking to develop large-scale, high bandwidth websites that are rich in content.  The Portal platform aggregates information from a variety of sources and delivers it to a wide volume of end users in an efficient manner.


Rainforest Portal contains tools that allow for easy and automated content population and sharing. These tools include RSS syndication and automated RSS search and fetch engine, as well as content formatting and publishing components. 


The flexible portal system provided created by Rainforest ensures long-term scalability, serviceability, and quality performance.  This Smart Enterprise Suite (SES) includes a portal layering that is easily upgradeable.


Rainforest Portal's flexible platform allows for simple integration with other Web facilitative software such as Rainforest CMS and Rainforest eCommerce.


Why Rainforest Portal?

Portlet TechnologyUse a range of JSR-168 compliant portlets to efficiently customize web portal interface.
RSS (Real Simple Syndication)Divide Feeds Display a breadth of content from multiple affiliates automatically based on predefined search terms and information sources.  Customize incoming data format and style to match the theme of your portal.
Community Modules Provide a complete user experience utilizing message boards, chat systems, ratings and polls, and other interactive tools.
Order TrackingAllow both you and your customers to track the status of shipped products without leaving your own website.
Full Text SearchFind what you are looking for through a unique search engine mechanism providing results based on relevancy ratings calculated by an advanced internal algorithm.