Rainforest eLearning

Rainforest eLearning lets users construct full-featured courses and interactive tests for employees and customers alike for viewing directly over the internet.  Whether streaming multimedia, offering course presentation slides, or administering interactive testing,

Rainforest's eLearning pluggable architecture makes customizing needed features for your course quick and easy without the assistance of third-party suppliers or other expensive information technology resources.


Create the ultimate training environment for both student-to-student as well as teacher-to-student collaboration through Rainforest's easy-to-use course authoring tools and markedly improve the overall knowledge base of whomever your intended audience might be.


Rainforest eLearning's flexible platform allows for simple integration with other Web facilitative software such as Rainforest CMS and Rainforest eCommerce.


Why Rainforest eLearning?

Courses Authoring ToolCreate full, professional looking e-courses without the assistance of third-party suppliers or other expensive complicated technology resources.
Interactive TestingDivide Store and track progress on interactive tests created for students or employees in a database.
Student Class ManagementDivide users into virtual classes allowing for individual scheduling.
Replication SuiteReuse or sell previously created courses freely through simple replication.