Rainforest eCommunity

Rainforest eCommunity is a set of tools used to construct websites that facilitate a community of users.  Bring like minded individuals from around the world to share ideas, network, and develop lasting relationships. 


Rainforest eCommunity's flexible platform allows for simple integration with other Web facilitative software such as Rainforest CMS and Rainforest eCommerce.



Why Rainforest eCommunity?


Message BoardAllow users to easily publish messages to your online message board while maintaining the ability to control content and filter out unwanted postings.
ChatLet visitors exchange ideas in designated chat rooms or host virtual meetings enabling global communications.
NewsletterSend targeted newsletters utilizing advanced filters and subscriber management tools.
Ratings and PollingReceive valuable insight from community members to help better serve your target audience.
SubscriptionsControl who has access to your site content through a subscriber database and set predefined expiration periods based on your business model.