What Is Rainforest

What is the Rainforest Administration Suite?
Rainforest is a Content Management System built on the world's most widely used enterprise grade technology platform- Java. Utilizing Rainforest allows you to build and manage large scale portals and websites in a more efficient and cost effective manner, while at the same time optimizing flexibility in terms of long term growth and support. Our motto is simple: Business Evolves, Rainforest Adapts.


In "techno-speak" Rainforest is a software framework developed on Sun standard APIs taking full advantage of n-Tier J2EE technology and providing facilities for web applications using servlets and XML.
You may be thinking: "Not sure what this means…  so what does this mean for my organization?"
The answer is simple.
Rainforest means FLEXIBILTY.
With Rainforest's flexibility you can:

  • Deploy enterprise grade custom applications in a significantly shorter timeframes
  • Utilize its inherent CMS features to manage basic corporate identity as well as extremely complex portal solutions
  • Utilize an intuitive interface to enter content, without having to learn HTML
  • Create new website sections, move content around, add or change pictures and links, replicate websites across domains at the click of a mouse
  • Manage multiple users, permissions settings and advanced file management systems
  • Track statistics and online business reports
  • Have peace of mind with automatic content archive and retrieval systems and in depth event logs
  • Send newsletters and manage users and transactions. Set up your websites with multiple languages.
  • Ensure that your data is protected utilizing industry leading encryption standards
  • and much, much more...

Best of all, the system is designed to allow optimal long term growth. Rainforest's inherent flexible architecture allows for efficient upgrades to new functionality modules and ensures that by utilizing industry leading J2EE technology you take the fullest advantage of the all possibilities provided by this exciting technology.
 - Your corporation has grown and you want to add an eLearning system for your employees?
No problem.
 - You are interested in publishing news to Google and want to add an RSS News Feed?
 - Ready to start selling subscriptions online and require advanced Ecommerce and banking capabilities added to your system?
 - Or, you prefer to make your information flexible by publishing to a cell phone user compatible format via WAP?
- You want to keep your flexibility to try out other Java software development vendors?
Rainforest is your answer.

Many more things are possible when utilizing the world's most popular and fastest growing internet technologies... Java and XML. Make the switch to Rainforest today and take advantage of the most flexible technology on the market.
We take great pride in presenting this system to you, so please feel welcome on our Rainforest pages and should you have any questions...




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