Key Platform Features

The following is a brief introduction to some of Rainforest's key features:


100% Java/J2EE compliance


The Rainforest framework is developed in Java and runs on any J2EE compliant application server.


Modern Pluggable Architecture


Rainforest was created to serve as a foundation for developing advanced web applications. The development process of any new application or any new features is based on extension points previously built within platform core modules by other plugins. Applying such a process allows for a shorter development schedule without sacrificing quality assurance. In other words, Rainforest's Java and XML based plug-in architecture ensures that adding components and building brand new systems is much more time and cost effective then ever before.


High Performance Cache System


Rainforest Platform provides its own caching mechanism, built to increase speed and minimize CPU load. In effect, Rainforest serves dynamically generated pages as quickly as traditional static pages served from files. This is significant as many systems that pull content from a database are often slower than static websites. Thanks to the Rainforest Cache System your dynamic database driven website will work as quickly as the alternative utilizing static files.


Browser-based user interface


A web browser is all you need to administer your content via Rainforest. This allows you to manage your systems from anywhere in the world, as long as an internet connection is present.


User permissions management


Rainforest allows for optional multiple user or administrator management of content. You, as the top level administrator, can set varied permission levels of permissions for different users in your organization. The permissions management system interface is similar in nature to the management of users on own your local computer. You can define both users and roles and you can assign permissions to both. This system allows for a wide range of possibilities that will best reflect your corporate permissions structure and will ensure that multiple personnel can access the system without undue access to restricted materials.



Mail Spooler Module


To facilitate large volume e-mail traffic the Rainforest framework provides a scalable mail spooler mechanism that works with all SMTP servers.

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